No Surprises

The awesome thing about God is that he knows my end from the beginning. It took me a long time to accept that.

For a long time it baffled me how God could love me in the condition I was in. You see people can look at me now and think that my life has always been this way or that I have it all together now. The truth of the matter is that I don’t have it all together, however, I’m not where I used to be.

The crazy part about it is that I didn’t plan on my life turning out the way that it is now. Before I started taking inventory of my life and looking at where I was, I was this scared little girl in grown woman’s body. The game was called survival and I played the win; the objective was to get from one day to the next day, without dying. Don’t misunderstand me I have never been a user or an abuser of people. I have always respected people, so using people to  get what I wanted or needed in life has never been a part of my makeup, not even til this day; at least not in an abusive manner.

No stress, no strain, or struggle. It’s all in my mind! It depends on how I see myself or what I tell myself about me. Beats me, who would have thought that I could have endured all the things in life that I have. I am just starting to really live. I believe I am not playing BIG enough!! I need to take more risks! The things that make me afraid are not necessarily the things that make you afraid, quite frankly they don’t have to be.

It hasn’t always been the squeaky-clean-life, but I KNOW I can handle more than I already have on my plate . I am tired of, “playing it safe”, so to speak. I don’t know everything, but according to the word of God, if I lack wisdom all I have to do is ask for it, and expect it to show up. Even if I think I know something, I don’t have to have it all right, all the time…NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Just gotta get moving. Stick with it! Stay on the righteous course! Build momentum and before you know you’ll be looking back over your timeline and see all the amazing things you have accomplished.

Thank you so very much for sharing in this endeavor with me to evangelize the world. Help me spread this word as far and wide as your voice will go…then keep on going.

Peace & Blessings – The Designer’s Original!

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