Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yessssss!

Yes, I am still here for a reason! I survived being demoted, while at the same time taking a 10K decease in my salary. I survived loosing my house! As if that wasn’t enough, IRS started deducting an additional 15% of my salary. The way I saw it satan was playing a terrible joke on me!

I guess what you said is true, “it is okay not to be okay, it doesn’t mean that I have to remain that way”. Who would have thought the stars would have aligned themselves so perfectly, (imperfectly)! My obligation is to just FOLLOW Your guidance, and leave the consequences up to You! Yes, Lord I will trust You and obey You, even to the hurt of it.

I learned a long time ago not to question You or Your reasoning, just to TRUST and OBEY, knowing that You have my BEST interest in Your heart for the bigger picture. It’s not only about me, it’s about the others as well. I said You can use me Lord; I had no idea that You wanted to use me like this. I simply said yes, You may use me. Send me, if not me, then who? If not now, when?

I am here to fulfill Your purpose and plan for my life, not to just go through life, like a bump on a log, waiting to die. I was created for a specific reason, to help rescue people from their perishing predicaments. I didn’t come all this way to die without making a significant impact. I was designed for this. I am built to last! I am well capable of standing out in a crowd. I got the goods! I am qualified! I am the person for the job/tasks/I am up for it!

NeeCeeSpeaks is what I do! Declaring the end from the beginning! I am so glad that You chose me to represent You!

Prayerfully you have read something that registered with your spirit! Now get up and do something about it!

Thank you for continuing to help me spread this message that the end is not here yet. As long as we have breath in your lungs, you in it til the end. We still have time to get it together. Billions of souls still need to be saved, delivered, healed, and set free!

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