Our Next Is Now

Don’t waste a moment on trivia matters, time is precious, every moment matters. Don’t waste time being mad or holding a grudge. Being mad and holding grudges very seldom affects the other person as much as it will affect us.

As much as possible try to live in peace with others, even when it’s difficult. The testing of our patience gives us opportunities to grow up. This will require us to be genuine with ourselves. It may take some getting used to initially, but when you have an opportunity to look back over your life and see the impact of your decisions, you will be so glad that you didn’t react the way you initially wanted to respond, especially if it meant coming out of character.

I am an advit picture taker. These days it is a blessing to have captured so many of the moments that I did. Who ever knew we would be living in the times we’re living in, where we don’ get to see the people that we used to see on a regular basis. I no longer view taking pictures the same way anymore; now I am intentional about capturing moments. More than anything I want to create memorable moments, but I also want to use it as an opportunity to chart growth.

These days I look at life through a different set of lens. I am not just haphazardly floating through life without a destination. I am connecting the dots forward. I am understanding better and better that the present moment is designed to take care of a future moment. What I sow today I will live in tomorrow. I am perfecting that which in front of me so that I can be prepared for what is ahead of me. My next is truly right now. I am writing my destination by my words and actions. Our words and actions are the steering wheel to our future. I definitely don’t want to run my life into a ditch by mismanaging my moments.

Write the vision for your life and make it plain. We all need mentors and coaches in our life. We were not created to live life on our own. We need one another. Ask God to identify the person He put in place to take you from one level in to the next level. We were all created for greatness, regardless of our circumstances. Nothing catches God by surprise. He has already been to the end of our lives. He has made a way of escape from every trap and snare the enemy could ever throw our way. So regardless of how bad you think you may have messed up or been messed around on, God has a plan for everyone of us!

If you have not received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, today is a great day to let Him in, He is a game changer!

Stay In Peace!!

The Designer’s Original

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