Don’t Be So Anxious

Having done all to stand, keep on standing. When you have done your best, to the best of your knowledge and understanding, just be patient. Timing is everything. Just because we don’t see the manifestation of what we prayed for by the time we end our prayer doesn’t mean it’s not going to come to past.

On many occasions I have gotten impatient and decided to take matters into my own hands, only to make matter worst. What was an acorn has now become an oak tree. The lesson for me is to “leave well enough alone”. What I mean by this is, is to have patience and faith that what I believed for is for my good and for God’s glory. I have learned that many of the things I ask for, I ask thinking that I am equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with it, only to discover later that I didn’t count the full cost.

We can think that we are ready for the responsibility of a particular role in life, whether it’s for a job, business, parenting, marriage, living on our own, a major purchase, relocation, etc. A delay could be a signal indicating that we are not properly aligned with the vision God has for our lives at that moment, or there is something better for us, or that this specific thing will produce a crop failure in our lives. So before you throw your hands up and get disappointed or mad with God, examine what you asked for. If everything checks out keep anticipating it. Go on as if you have what you believed for. However, if you know that what you are believing for is not properly aligned, stop wasting your time. God is not obligated to address anything outside of His word, purpose and plan for our lives.

Sometimes we can be so anxious that we fool ourselves, or better yet lie to ourselves about the decoy that has appeared. We know good and well that it’s not God for our lives, regardless of what it feels like, there is a way that SEEMS right but in the end it will lead only to death and destruction. If you know better, do better. The hour is getting late, we don’t have time to walk around with blinders on, acting like we don’t know right from wrong. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time innocently is bad enough, but when you are in the wrong place because of your poor choices it is foolishness. The impact of our choices, good or bad, not only impact us, it impacts everyone connected to us, and it’s not just temporary for the moment we are in, it is quite possible that the impact could out live us. That is a hefty weight to carry around if we knowing and willfully made a poor choice.

I said all of that to say, don’t be anxious about anything, but through prayer and supplication, according to God’s written Word, make your request known unto Him and just be patient. Don’t take matters into your own hands, no matter how long it takes. Every delay works in our favor. We don’t always understand it initially, but as we continue to trust God for the little things, and remember the things He has already done it will become more and more easy to believe that He is on your side and that He has your best interest in mind.

God is a God of decency and order. What we want is not just gonna happen because we prayed. He is not some genie in a bottle, sugar daddy, or santa claus; He is God and He is Holy! He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people, but not when it will bring us or others harm or if it’s not in our best interest. We should always seek God’s best for our lives and not settle for good enough.

Don’t be afraid to check yourself out. Take a real good look in the mirror and ask yourself the real hard questions. What is your motivation for wanting what you want? That’s the real question!

Thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement! Most of all I pray that you read something here that causes your life to go to higher level!

The Designer’s Original

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