Let’s Be Clear

Somehow we get it twisted from time to time. During my “me” time this week the thought occurred to me that somehow we think that giving somebody a pass or saying that we forgive someone, or even letting someone over in traffic is about the other person more than it is about us.

On the contrary, we are always being presented with opportunities to pass or fail the tests of life. Our reactions and responses to our encounters and experiences in life reveal our growth and maturity and will also expose our immaturity and pettiness.

There is no time like the present moment to make the decision to grow up and put away the childish behaviors that keep us responding to the ignoramus’s of the world. When we consider that we have been in our current status, i.e. pandemic, quarantine for six (6) months and that most of us never expected that it would be as long as it has been, this is clearly a sign that we need to BE on top of our game plan. Don’t look back over this time in your life with regret wishing that you would have done something different or responded differently.

Today is the best day to make the decision to focus on what’s important to you and your legacy. What do you want people to remember most about you? What about your life is going to set you apart from others? What will be your impact to the community you surround yourself with? What nugget will you leave that will cause somebody else’s life or lifeline to be great and do mighty exploits or to super exceed where you have gone in your life? I’m not just talking about leaving money, but that’s a blessing too, but how about the gift of wisdom and understanding to create a residual, generation of wealth.

We must keep perfecting the moments that are in front of us to be prepared for the moments that are ahead of us. Let go of the thought that all we have to do is pray. Nope, we pray for wisdom, understanding, and guidance, but the work is for us. Don’t just be a hearer of any word and not act on it. Trust me, NOTHING will come out of it.

Let’s get productive! Time is running out and we are out of excuses. Let’s do what we know to do. See ya at the top

The Designer’s Original

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