Listen Carefully

Recently, I caught myself going off on somebody, not verbally, but in email. In my mind I was right and they were out of line so they deserved the tone I gave them; how dare they come at me like that; I told them….oh my.

It took me a few days to realize that I owed them an apology. Regardless of what was said or how they meant it, my response is still my responsibility. What is so amazing is that I was just sharing with someone the importance of doing the right thing, even when other people don’t. Even when we “feel like” someone may be trying to throw some shade our way, we have to remain in character. When we get out of character, we open the door for offense to come in, not just from us but from the other person. I like to say, when you know who you are, you know who you’re not. Why do we get insulted when we perceive that someone is trying to make us look some kind of way; first of all that may not have been their intention, or if it was, SO WHAT!

Nothing makes me more angry than when I let something as trivial as what someone says get to me in any kind of way. By now, I should know that it’s just a distraction. Yes, we all have “off days”, but I was so consumed with me being right and them being wrong that it took me two days to realize that regardless of their intent, I was wrong for my response, PERIOD!!!

This was something small and could have been avoided if I would have just said, “okay, got it” and kept it moving. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but this is HUGE to me. Not that I think that I do everything right all the time, but this shows me the gap in where I truly am and where I thought I was. What it also shows me is that I have to remain consistent and always on the look out for these type of traps. More than not, I nail these types of booby traps, so I am not beating myself up, but I wanted to share this to say listen to that still quiet voice that’s telling you to keep growing up. Keep your eye on yourself. Make sure that your actions are lining up with your speech. Mean what you say and let the words of your mouth be your guiding principles. If you’re wrong, say you’re wrong and apologize quickly, then do better the next time, because there will be plenty more opportunities to take offense to what someone says or does.

We can either let or let not what someone says or does get us off our square. Each person has to be lead by their own convictions, as for me I choose to keep growing up and not be so easily moved by people, situations or circumstances.

I am this earth’s answer so I can’t be acting like a fool when others are depending on me to be an example of Jesus in the earth. I am convinced that every unhealthy condition in our hearts and minds can be reversed, we just have to learn and practice new behaviors. I am learning my triggers and working very diligently to address them before I make a real mess of things.

Let me leave you with this, when you feel like someone is trying to give you a name that’s not yours, don’t respond from a place of insult because that will only make things worst. You may have to walk away and come back another time, but at least you didn’t show your hand. Remember, don’t let them see sweat.

Let’s keep rising together! Thank you for continuing to help me rescue people from their perishing predicaments by sharing my blogs.

The Designer’s Original

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