Average Is Crowed!

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Time waits for no one!!!

We only get one shot at life!  There is no sense in settling for average when there is SO MUCH more available.  God has promised us the abundant life, of course we can choose to have it or settle for the average life, i.e. church, home, work, family gatherings, occasional vacations to Disney world, etc.  Make room next dimension, I’m knocking at the door!


This abundant life I am speaking of is far beyond material stuff, it’s part of the package, but the piece I’m speaking of is impact, influence, significance and power. We should be impacting the lives of others in a way that causes them to live a better life. Our influence should be used to make moves in the earth that will make a difference for the Body of Christ. Our life should be of such significance that long after we have left earth for glory people are still using our ideas to pattern their lives after.  Our lives should leave a mark that can NEVER be erased!

The unfortunate thing is that most people don’t know that they are average, I know that was true of me; ONE of my major discoveries was the lack of a true accountability partner in life. In my mind, leaning to my own understanding, and my way of doing things, I was hot stuff, flaws and all; only to find out that I was average, even below average in some cases. There were so many things that had not been transformed in my thinking to get me to that next place. I hadn’t submitted myself to anyone to be checked; I didn’t think it was necessary. I was living life on my own and bombing out royally.

The average person doesn’t have an accountability partner. Initially I thought this person and I had to be accountable to each other, then I discovered that it doesn’t look the same for everyone. What became real clear to me was that where there is no accountability there will be no progress. Most people are not disciplined enough on their own to move pass how they feel in their flesh to do what they know to do; this will keep us held back in life.

God wants the best for us, but we have to want the same thing for our lives and those that are connected to us directly and indirectly. We have no clue or way of knowing just how many people God has connected to our life to bring glory to His kingdom.  Keep polishing yourself. Somebody’s life is contingent on our ability to hear and respond accordingly.

Thank you for helping me to rescue others from their perishing predicaments. Keep loving, serving and impacting generations by faith, in excellence one life at a time.

The Designer’s Original



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