Keep Your Motives Pure

Jeremiah 17:19 (ESV) declares, the heart is deceitful above all things, and  desperately sick; who can understand it? This lets me know that it is very easy to be tricked by our own hearts.

When our motives for helping people are pure we shouldn’t get upset when they don’t react the way we expected them to react. Impure motives lead to feelings of disappointment, rejection, and even anger. People have even been known to end relationships with people because they are not getting what they expected in return.

I am learning to search my heart and ask myself why am I doing what I am doing. Not all the time do I do things with a glad heart, but I rarely do things in exchange for something else. Case in point, I love preparing meals for my son or picking up his favorite treats from the store when I am out; there have been times when he gave me the impression that he didn’t appreciate what I was doing for him, sometimes I let it be known and other times I just leave it alone. Overall I know that he appreciates everything that I do for him to the level of his understanding. He will appreciate it more when he is living independent from me.

On the other hand, the major reason that I show up for work is to get paid; I like what I do, but I am not as passionate about it as I once was. Let’s say I have a revelation of the exchange, i.e. no work equals no pay, and I need to be paid. In this case I am expecting something in return, an honest day’s work for an honest day of pay. My employer can count on me to show up and show out because at the end of the day I am putting my signature on my work. Where I come from, I work wholeheartedley as unto the Lord, my life is not my own. I represent more than myself, and I want my work and my name to be a sweet taste and sound. Hence this is the reason why I do what I do regarding my professionalism and work ethic. So when people, namely your co-workers, managers, etc try to scandalize your name, truth even when crushed will rise; just keep your heart right and keep digging, God knows and sees all. We will always be rewarded for our diligence.

It is not wise to do things for show, form, or fashion; it will always back fire in your face. People are not as easily fooled as we think. Even when people throw others under the bus to get in good with someone, that person that they are trying to win over is usually smart enough to know that it won’t be long before they will be betrayed or thrown under the bus, because our flesh is never satisfied, greed always wants more.

All we have to do is listen to ourselves regarding our expectations or disappointments when things  don’t turn out according to our expectations. This exercise will help us to identify the intent of our hearts; to thine own self be true.

Keep going, growing and learning. We never arrive, we just keep getting better and wiser.

The Designer’s Original


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