Don’t Be Deceived

Let go and let God is so much easier said than done!  I can’t count the number of times that I have laid my troubles at Jesus feet only to pick them right back up, just as quick as I laid them there.

I am still discovering my moments of indecisiveness, which is a great thing.  I haven’t always like to admit that I was way off in my thinking and actions, but the fruit of my decisions were the proof, they spoke loud and clear.

Many times we think we are hearing the voice of God when in fact we are being lead away and enticed by our own desires, according to James 1:4.  It does matter what voice you are listening to. God says in John 10:16 that His sheep, i.e. those who name Jesus as Lord and Savior, know His voice and the voice of a stranger we will not follow. This is proof that there are many voices out there vying for our ear, but we have to be very intentional about knowing the voice of God so that WHEN, not if, but when we get off track the voice of God will lead us back to safety.

There is no way to make it in this world leaning to our own understanding. God has designated people to lead us from one level of faith to the next. There is no way we can learn everything we need to on our own, and that was never God’s expectation. Unfortunately, too often we do not like the voice of God for our lives because we are so comfortable in our misery or we are too lazy to pursue the awesome and amazing life God intended for us to have since it doesn’t look like what we envisioned for ourselves.

Truth be told, the first identity we received didn’t come from God, it came from our cracked and flawed environment we were reared in.  Oh, we didn’t see it that way at first, but we didn’t know any better. Now that we have been exposed to other information or ideas, it’s challenging. What makes it even challenging is that we are so connected to the people in our environment that it would almost seem like betrayal to do something different. Therein lies the dilemma, do I stay in my current condition or do I set out to pursue the life God intended me to have.

Depending on who you have been watching or what you have heard people say, it may be quite tempting to stay in your current situation because we have learned to cope there, versus pursuing the purpose and plan God has for our lives out of fear of the unknown. Quite frankly, it is easier to trust what we can see rather than what we can’t see.  I have learned to say what I want to see instead of what I see in my situation and circumstances, especially when it does not line up with God’s blessed best for my life. This takes some work on my behalf. It’s easy to say what you have heard said, but I had to embrace this truth for myself. The word of God says, the things we see with our natural eyes are only temporal and subject to change, but the things we cannot see in the natural are eternal; 2 Corinthians 4:18. We have to use our Holy Ghost imagination to see things according to the word of God.

The more intentional we are about examining ourselves and looking to God to show us ourselves the more liberated we will become. Some of the pressure we put on ourselves or allow others to put on us is because we are not acquainted with the voice of God. Take time to check yourself to avoid spending a lot of time trying to figure where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing and who you should be connected to.

Stay connected to the word and voice of God to experience the presence, power, protection, provisions, and peace of God.


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