Let Freedom Ring

There are so many things vying for our attention. It is so easy to get distracted by the side shows. Something as simple as the sounds of a person’s voice can throw us off if we are not careful.

The more I seek to understand rather than to be understood the more tuned in I become to how easy it is to focus on people and circumstances as the culprit. In essence people and circumstances are the distractions to steal our focus from the main thing, i.e. the last thing God told you to do. That’s what all of this is about, trying to distract us from handing our primary business, which is kingdom business, God’s business.  He said in Matthew 6:33 to seek Him first.

I have caught myself in the middle of a few melt down moments. I have learned and continue to practice interrupting destructive thoughts and bringing them into captivity in order to refocus.  I am keenly aware that the enemy, the devil is roaming and seeking whom he may devour. The adversary wants nothing more than to keep us bound; worrying about our current situation and our future.  He doesn’t want us to look into the word of God to see that He whom the Son of God, Jesus died to set free is FREE indeed.  Everything Jesus died for, we were delivered from; poverty, sickness, anxiety, depression, lonliness, addiction, etc. We do not have to be entangled in the web of lies that the enemy tries to feed to us to keep us in the mental prison of our thoughts.

There is a place in God where we can rest from all of the cares and troubles of this world.  No, the troubles and cares don’t just disappear, but God says in Matthew 11:28-29 that we would find rest for our souls when lay down our lives, learn of Him and follow His way of doing things.

When we are strangers to our covenant with God there is no way we can experience the true freedom He intends for us as Believers. It may be necessary to rededicate to your commitment to the Lord. You may realize that you have been trying to handle things on your own; in your own strength and wisdom. In and of itself our abilities are limited to what and who we know. However, when we place our life in God’s hand and trust Him to be who He says He is, we will find that there is a quiet rest that brings with it peace, the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding.

I surrender all is not just a song, it’s a testimony. When we discover that regardless of how many times or how many different ways we try, we cannot take care of ourselves without God leading, guiding and directing us, if we are smart we will finally surrender everything to God and let Him be in charge.

Let freedom ring in your life. Cast your care on the Lord for He cares for us and He is working to perfect everything that concerns us. Don’t just take the word of others about what God said or how He feels about you, ask Him to reveal Himself to you and be patient and expect Him to do it and I guarantee that you will have an encounter with Him that will change your life forever. I promise you that you will not have a real encounter with God and remain the same.

If you have never received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, no problem, let’s take care of that right now. According to Romans 10:9, if you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Only say it if you mean it. Welcome to the Body of Christ. Getting to know God and becoming what He saw in us from the beginning of time is a process.  Get connected to a teaching ministry where Jesus is Lord and the word of God is being taught according the holy scriptures. Be patient with yourself, we are ever learning and ever growing in the things of God!

Thank you for your continued support. Please share this article with others. There are so many people who need to receive an encouraging word. This just may be the word they have been expecting.

Be blessed and stay in peace.

The Designer’s Original



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