Change Your Posture

If I had to grade myself on the history of my culture, I would give myself a barely passing grade. Recently I have discovered so many things that I either ignored or had no clue about. It is possible that it may have come across as negative from someone who has been so fed for so long that it went into one ear and out of the other just because of the way it was presented; so that makes it my fault since I should have done my own research. The lesson for me is that I have a responsibility to share MY truth but not spread venom.

Nope, I don’t like any of my experiences where I know I was discriminated against and I will never sugar coat that to anyone, it was unacceptable then and it is still unacceptable.  However, I also have a responsibility to know my rights and exercise them accordingly and leave the rest up to God. Unfortunately, I didn’t consistently handle things this way. This doesn’t mean that things would have turned out any differently than they have, because I still believe that God’s will is being manifested in my life. I just believe I would have experienced a greater level of peace a whole lot sooner if I would have stayed my righteous course instead of getting frustrated and anxious when things didn’t appear to be going my way.

Recently my spiritual father, Apostle Michael A. Freeman, of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center has been teaching on, “Systemic Righteousness”, opposed to systemic racism.  He has been primarily focusing on the posture of the Believer as more visibility has been given to the racial tensions that have plagued the Black community for centuries now. As a result of these teachings, I have had to shine a magnifying glass on my own thoughts and my heart as it relates to my posture towards people, not just white people but people who I have been conditioned to believe threaten my opportunities to thrive in life.

For example, I was led to believe that it is so much easier for foriegners to get a loan than black people, and that they are just buying up everything on the block with the loans that they are receiving from the government; and on top of that, they are coming over here taking all of the jobs. I know I am not the only one who heard this and/or brought into this menality.  So see, it’s not just “the white man” that is the contention of black folks frustration, we got issues with other people groups as well.  I am grateful for eyes that see and ears that can hear what the spirit of the Lord is conveying to me, especially as it relates to the hardness of my own heart.

I have been charged by my Apostle to be the model in this moment; a model of righteousness, not leaning to my own understanding or this world’s way of doing things.  When I became a believer of Jesus Christ I gave up my right to do things according to my own way of seeing things.  This is where I have to keep pressing in; I have to cast aside all of those things that I have heard and learned through tradition or culture, especially as it relates to the things of God, and guess what, the world is the Lord’s and ALL they that dwell in it (Psalm 24:1). Therefore, in order to have a right relationship with God I have to see things the way He sees them; there are no other alternatives.

The only way things will truly change is if we do our part; drop our rocks and ask God to show us our own wicked ways and to show us how to be healed. It is not someone else’s job or role to make us feel better or happy.  Each person is responsible for their own actions, they will have to answer and give an account for what they did, whether we see the justice or not, we all have a judgment day.

Let me leave you with this question, what will you do to help improve our race relations?

As always, thank you for tuning in. Until the next time we meet again keep growing, keep learning, keep making a positive difference.

Peace and Blessings

The Designer’s Original

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