The World Needs Me

The older I get the more I recognize how critical and essential my role is in the earth.

I look around and there are not many people who look like me who view life the same way as I do. I often find myself alone in my thinking; that’s not a put down on me or anyone else, it’s just an observation and it’s my opinion.

My title this week says, the world needs me. Yes indeed, the world does need me. The world needs me to get my act together and get something on my mind besides surviving from one day to the next. The world is looking for answers to all of the confusion going on around them and on the inside of them.

If I refuse to keep learning, growing, climbing and lifting, I am not serving the needs of anyone, not even myself. No one can continue to survive in stagnant space. I have to surround myself with like-minded people who have common goals, not just to get rich but to also make this world a better place, no matter what race, creed, color or sexual preference.

I have discovered that it is much easier to unlearn incorrect behaviors than it is to learn something new. Bitterness and hatred, everyone knows that it’s wrong, but not challenging it or confronting it is just as wrong. When we ignore what is going on around us on in us to save face, we’re only passing the buck. We are basically leaving it for our future generations to deal with.

As my title says, the world needs me…the world needs me to stand up in the face of adversity without fear of reprisal. The world needs me to be lead by my convictions, regardless of the cost. The world needs me not to idly stand by and watch as many of us struggle to make sense of the chaos brought on by so many years of unanswered questions and unaddressed concerns plaguing all of us.

We all agree that all forms of racism and malice are not only wrong, they are learned behaviors. Unfortunately, these learned behaviors have spilt over into every area of our lives and if we don’t get actively involved in the change for the better movement, it will only to get worst.

God helps us all to see our role in helping to fix the breech. It’s not somebody else’s issue or problem to fix, it’s all  of our issue. We have to stop with the separatism and different set of rules. All of our communities have issues. When we prepare the damage from within we will begin to see the change. It’s not an overnight job, but with commitment, consistency, communication, and community we can make a huge difference.

We can only control ourselves, but that’s also where change begins, inside of us.  The world needs me to do my part and not be concerned about who is not doing their part. My response or lack of response is my responsibility.

Life is only ten percent of what happens to us and ninety percent of how we respond to what happens to us.

Make the decision to get involved or stay involved in the change this world needs, regardless of how we feel about what’s going on. Do the right thing!

Thank you for your time. Keep coming back! Stay in peace!

The Designer’s Original



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