Just as quick as we were thrown into a new routine, we are now fixing our minds to transition to another way of living. Our lives will never be the way it had been.

Today as I sit preparing this memo I am not eager to change my routine just yet. It seems like it took me a few weeks to adjust and now I must get ready to adjust again. So it is with life. God knows I needed the break from the fast-paced lifestyle.

One of my quick adulthood discoveries is that we have to stay flexible. We can’t get stuck in a moment, we have to be ready to pivot, shift, and do an about face in a split second. That is the only way we can keep thriving in life.

Now is the time to finish up those online classes, read those books, and listen to those webinars. For some of us we have yet to begin writing the vision for our lives, our family goals, our business plans, even launching our own businesses. We already have the majority, if not everything, we need to make our next move forward. Time is running out and it won’t be long before we have to pick up the pace again.

As we begin to transition back into society, resist the urge to go back to business as usual. There has never been a time like this in the history of my adult life that I was given an opportunity to slow down, relax, and think things through clearly. I keep reminding myself not to be anxious; be patient. Embrace this time of refreshing and be grateful for a clean slate and a fresh start, even if it means starting over from scratch in some instances. I encourage you to take some time and purge your mind from every dead and toxic habit that is lingering. Get rid of the dead weight, it will only slow you down and hold you back from reaching your destination at the appointed time. Make up your mind that you WILL benefit from this time of refreshing.

Our failure to keep moving forward is hindering someone else’s progress forward. I believe that our lives are set up like a relay race, in that we are meant to hand the baton off to the next person waiting so that the journey will continue. Our lives are not just meant to benefit us as an individual or even our individual households. God is a family Man for sure, but He wants to use our lives, our gifts, our several talents and abilities to win souls to the Kingdom of God (God’s way of doing things).

Use what you already have in your hands to get started or to advance to your next place. As we continue to move forward more doors of opportunity will begin to swing open. People will seemingly appear from everywhere using their power, ability and influence on our behalf, and we will do the same thing in the lives of others.

It’s about MORE than just acquiring “stuff”. It’s about legacy building. Imagine leaving your family more than money, businesses, or land. Imagine leaving them principals, blueprints, wealth creation ideas, systems, disciplines and your creative mindset.

I challenge you to look within yourself and see yourself in the future. See your family in the years and generations to come. Begin to seek God for guidance on how to bring about those dreams and desires He has placed on the inside of you!

Until the the next time, stay in peace! Share this blog with someone as well to help ignite their fire or relight their fire. I am excited about our future!!

P.S. Share some of your victoriously overcoming moments   with me. I am always excited to hear from others about the greatness of God in their lives!

Peace and Blessings!

The Designer’s Original



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