Faith Is Now

Imagine that you’re playing double dutch jumping rope; no really, get that picture on the canvas of your imagination; what are you doing? Some of us are more skilled at it than others, but everyone is waiting for the right moment to jump in without getting caught up in the two ropes moving at once in different directions.

So what had happened was, I stood there gazing so long that I looked up and several years had passed before I jumped in, yikes. I let life circumstances overwhelm me. Man oh man, how did this happen.

Too many days of putting it off will wind up being years, ask me I know. What I didn’t realize was happening right before my eyes, I was being distracted, which created a delay, which ultimately denied someone else the opportunity of walking in their purposed destiny.

When we don’t show up for our assignment we delay someone else’s arrival to their assignment. I got so caught up in my own life, in my own circumstances that I took my eyes off of the big picture. The big picture is that it’s not just about me.

God had so much more in mind when He saw me from the beginning of time. He had every person that He wanted me to connect with, every person that was supposed to transfer something to me, and every person that I was supposed to transfer something to on His mind.

What I discovered is that I got set up, I fell for the okey-doke. I traded in my pursuit for purpose, in exchange I took on tasks of tackling every day life situations. Then one day I realized  what was going on. I wasn’t just having a bad day, my faith was on trial. My faith was being built. My character was being built. My integrity was being built. I was being prepared for what lies ahead.

Long story short, it took me a minute, but NOW I look at the “unexpected turn of events” in my life differently. Sometimes I still want to go run and hide until the dust settles. Yes, there are even still times that I wish someone else could fight this battle instead of me. But thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes me to triumph in EVERY situation, glory to God! This I recall to my mind therefore I have hope, it is because of the Lord’s  mercy that I have not been consumed, great is His mercy and faithfulness towards me!

If you are reading this, you know exactly where you are. Be sure that you’re  not on the sidelines waiting for the conditions in your life to line up perfectly before you get in the game, or are waiting for the dust to settle. Engage in your life, throw some punches, build your faith. You are stronger than you realize. Somebody is waiting on you!

What helps me on most days is being surrounded by like-minded people that encourage me by telling me what’s not always so obvious to me, but they also tell me when I am not working up to my full potential.

What also helps is remembering my “why”. My “why” is bigger than me. My “why” is bigger than my family. My “why” is because I want to fulfill the whole plan and purpose God has for my life. I don’t want to take anything with me to glory that I am supposed to leave here; that’s why I love the way that I love; that’s why I serve the way that I serve; that’s why I live the way that live. That’s why I gotta keep growing and learning pass the fouls and bad calls, even some of which I brought on myself.

I almost hate to stop right here but there’s never really a good place to stop. Hopefully I’ve given you enough to think about. My goal is always to share my life so that somebody else’s life can be better.

Prayerfully you read something that’ll help you to locate yourself and identify opportunities for improvement.

If this has been a blessing to you let me know and share it with someone else as well.

Peace and Blessings!



2 thoughts on “Faith Is Now

  1. Awesome blog! Happy you got back on the horse sis! Keep rising, keep shining! Your light is being felt.


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