DON’T Just Say It!

Writing my book, “But God,  It’s A Love Story” has revealed some things about me that have left me shaking my head. God is SO good! I thank Him emensely ALWAYS for showing me so much favor and grace despite me. He has allowed me to hear from people that have witnessed my journey and the amazing transformation that has taken place in my life so far.

One thing is for sure, people usually don’t see us the way we see ourselves. I didn’t realize how many people were offended by my straight talk or my humor, even when I thought they knew me better and that I didn’t mean them any harm.. Not everybody hears or processes information the same way we do. People hear from where they are. So, another valuable lesson I have learned is to dwell with people according to knowkedge…DON’T JUST SAY IT! It’s not just about me; it goes beyond how I feel. Not everybody appreciate our humor, even if they don’t say it right then. We either win or lose people with our words. Our words have the power to give life or death. I choose to SPEAK LIFE! Even when we speak the truth, it should be done in love. DON’T JUST SAY IT!

Lives are at stake. I am mindful NOW to pay attention to people and listen and hear more than I talk, because everybody smiling and laughing on the outside is not having that same experience in their heart. I don’t just listen for what people are saying, I also listen for what they are not saying.  The more we listen to people without saying a word the more we will learn how to dwell with people according to knowledge. It doesn’t mean that we avoid having tough conversations when necessary, it means we seek God first and DON’T JUST SAY IT. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

I am keenly aware that God is using me to speak life and healing to people and to restore hope that had been lost because of life circumstances. I do not take this responsibility lightly.  As I look back, it’s not that what I said wasn’t the truth; there was a better way to communicate that truth. I am more sensitive to that now, more than ever before. I want people to be able to see God when they see me and hear God when I speak like never before. It’s not about me, it’s about God! He wants His people to know that He loves them and that He cares about everything that concerns us.

I want people to leave my presence better than when they came.  It’s more important to me that people life the kind of life that brings them joy, peace, and happiness. I am willing to do whatever I can to make it happen.  I will resist the temptation to share my truth unless I clearly hear from God.

I pray this except from my journey has blessed your life. The things I have learned has brought me so much peace.

Thank you for your continued words of encouragement. Your comments and feedback has been great! Keep it coming!



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