I Am Free!

Freedom doesn’t mean it was free! Our freedom cost Jesus Christ His life, but He did it just for us so that we wouldn’t have to be bound by fears, disappointments, rejections, low self esteem, poverty, sickness, disease, etc. Everything Jesus died for WE HAVE BEEN delivered from. (Isaiah 53:5, John 8:36)

Now that we CAN be free,  we have to learn to LIVE in this liberty. We have to get a game plan for our lives. The awesome thing about it is that we don’t have to come up with the plan on our own. God had us in mind before our parents met each other. He has a plan to prosper us and do us good and to give us an expected end according to Jeremiah 29:11. No matter what environment or the circumstances we were born into God has a plan for our lives!

However, this life of freedom He died to give us is not just about us and getting stuff. He wants us to share the good news (gospel) with others so that they can experience this same liberty.  When we spend time with the Lord learning the course and path He wants us to take we will experience sweatless victories without any stress, strain or struggle and not just us but our whole household too. (Psalms 37:4, Job 36:11, Psalms 37:5)

For me personally I was in bondage/enslaved to the opinions of others. It mattered to me what people thought or how they felt about me. I wanted to be accepted and loved so I allowed things to happen that shold not have. BUT once I realized that I had already been brought at a price and that I didn’t have to be a slave to the opinions of others, 1 Corinthians 7:23, I slowly began to feel the cares of the world roll away. The more I developed my relationship with the Lord through reading His word I understood who I was and what God really thought of me, 1 Peter 2:9,  Psalms 139:14. I began to see changes in my life, some more drastic than others.

When you get a revelation of who you are and Who’s you are you won’t settled for just any ole thing! We are the apple of God’s eye. He LOVES us with an unconditional everlasting love! There is NOTHING we can say or do to stop Him from loving us the way He does.

God SO LOVED the world that He gave us His ONLY begotten son so that we could live. (John 3:16) He doesn’t want us to be bound by the cares of this world. He wants us to cast our cares. (Psalms 55:22, Matthew 11:28-30).

I pray that this blog blesses your life. Thank you for your continued support, comments, feedback and words of encouragement. God is a promise keeper. His words will not return to Him void. He promised to be everything we need and so much more than we ever expected!






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